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Publication Page Title Floor Plan
1998 Log Home Design Ideas 61 "Room For a Family & More"  
1998 Log Home Living
31 "A Bit of Bavaria" Botterbush
1998 Log Home Living
28 "Small Wonder" Springer Mtn.
1998 Log Home Design Ideas cover/76 "No Small Comfort"  
2001 Log Home Design
77 "At Home with Lucky Number 7" Rock Creek
2002 Log Home Design
90 "New Kids on the Block" Mt. Washington
2004 Log Home Design Ideas 70 "A Family Affair" The Summerhouse
2006 Country's Best Log Homes
cover   The Summerhouse
2007 Log Home Design
20 "Natural Woman" Mountain View
2007 Country's Best Log Homes
86 "A Georgia Peach" Lake House
2007 Log Home Design
62 "Come Together" Rocky Point
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